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JSM Engineering COVID-19 update

November 11th

Following our last update on May 21st, whilst we are still fully operational, we do have most of our staff working from home wherever possible, to minimise traffic in the office. Our risk assessments are reviewed on a regular basis, to ensure that we are still complying with the latest legislation and guidance from the government.

May 21st

We are pleased to confirm that we are and have been fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic and are continuing to fulfil the requirements of our clients. However, during these troubled times the responsibilities of us as an employer are greater than ever before. We are doing everything that we can to ensure that our business operations and staff are complying with the latest legislation and guidance with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, ultimately, so that everyone stays as safe as possible. With this in mind, we confirm that we have complied with the government's guide in managing the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace. For further information on this please see the PDF that is available in the "About Us" section of the website.

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